Sometimes beautiful.Sometimes demented.All but a colour and its bloody red.

Oct 26, 2012

The Revenge

Buster wondered what he was doing being all tied up to the chair.
Yorke came out of nowhere and smashed his head with a hammer and his skull cracked up.
Buster, with his eyes rolled up, was writhing in pain - his legs shaking violently. Yorke looked at him for a moment and pushed a kitchen knife through his throat. And kept hammering at Buster's fingers till it turned to pulp.
Then, humming to the tune of a symphony, Yorke cooly sawed off Buster's head. He cut off Buster's half moving fingers and arranged everything on a plate.
During dinnertime, Yorke presented the dish to his sister - half of Buster's body neatly arranged with tomatoes and cucumbers and ice cabbage.
Revenge, after all, is a dish, best served cold.

Oct 16, 2012

Sarah's Babies

When Sarah was 8 years old, the doctor told her that she could never become a mother.
Ever since, she has been collecting her menstrual blood in little glass jars.

The night she turned 18, she took a handkerchief and soaked it with the blood from one of those jars.
She took it to bed and placed it beside her pillow and sung a lullaby. 
Till it became a habit.

Oct 10, 2012

The Artist

Joseph just sat there.Sweating and pleading. Where was his God now?

The music played while I chewed on the brush, thinking.

".......And if it looks like we were scared to death.....Like a couple of kids just trying to save each other....You should have seen it in color..."

So I positioned his head in front of the recently whitewashed wall, and shot him right between his temples.

While the brain bone fragments made up for the perfect feel, the red splatter on the wall reminded me of the days we've had.

Hi, Im an artist. And I am going to be the metronome of this society.

Jun 13, 2011


She liked to dress up her boys.Some wore bows,some ties and some with golden glitter all over.
But what she liked about Taive was his awesomely smooth soft skin.Like butter.

It would be nice to pierce all that, she thought. Like a knife through butter.

That evening, after a French movie and an Italian dinner, they finally got to lovemaking.

She pierced him with pins and needles as she worked him from the top.

When she came down to the groin for a blow, she put in a purple flower pin right though his tool.

Everytime he came that night, he squirmed in pain and a little blood gushed.Like a virgin.

With her make up all gone awry, she smiled.

Dec 17, 2010

The Machine

Year 2215.

8 year old Sappy heard his dad, talk over the phone, about the Machine.

One night, he sneaked into his dad's private room and pulled off the cover of the Machine.

It looked like a vending machine.

There was a red button which said Decapitate.

He didn't know what the word meant, so he clicked it anyway.

Dec 11, 2010

Gulliver's Travels

Crack Crack,
Their bones went,
And splash splash
The blood.
As Mighty Lemuel Gulliver stepped on the Lilliputs.

Dec 9, 2010

The Woodcutter's son

Sometime in the Medival ages,Tubbah was the son of a woodcutter.
He had these recurring dreams,everytime he came back after chopping up wood.
Once he dreamt he was chopping off head of the king with his father's brand new axe.
When he shuffled about his bed early morning, little did he hear the Thump sound on the wooden floor.
The head of the king had just dropped from his bed, and stared at him sleep with its glazy eyes.

Dec 8, 2010

The Writer

Andreas Lodem was a horror fictionist.

His latest novel was about a mother who ate up her husband, when she was in labour.

The book explicitly details how the meat of the husband comforted her, while the baby was being pushed out.

They say Andreas was born like that.

When a blood laced crying baby Andreas came out of his mother's womb, all he saw was his father's half eaten body and his smiling face.

When asked, Andreas said its a joke.

Sep 24, 2010


I hacked up my husband
And I realized that my three children
have been watching.

(This is a tribute to Shuson Kato,a famous Japanese haiku poet)

Sep 17, 2010


It was holi.
She was 16 and she was high on bhaang.
And she was so high on bhaang that she didnt even know that she was playing with red colours.
It was blood.
Her parent's blood.