Sometimes beautiful.Sometimes demented.All but a colour and its bloody red.

Oct 26, 2012

The Revenge

Buster wondered what he was doing being all tied up to the chair.
Yorke came out of nowhere and smashed his head with a hammer and his skull cracked up.
Buster, with his eyes rolled up, was writhing in pain - his legs shaking violently. Yorke looked at him for a moment and pushed a kitchen knife through his throat. And kept hammering at Buster's fingers till it turned to pulp.
Then, humming to the tune of a symphony, Yorke cooly sawed off Buster's head. He cut off Buster's half moving fingers and arranged everything on a plate.
During dinnertime, Yorke presented the dish to his sister - half of Buster's body neatly arranged with tomatoes and cucumbers and ice cabbage.
Revenge, after all, is a dish, best served cold.

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  1. Why, sir/madam, are you not continuing to churn out such brilliant stuff?